Two Generation Together
October 01, 2016 09:48 am
Children's Day celebrates to honor the every child in the each corner of the world. Universal Children's Day celebrates on 20 November according to the United Nations recommendation. As well as the International day for protection of children is observed in many countries as children's day on 1st June since 1950. This International Children's Day had it s origin in Turkey in 1920. But the officially recognized date of children's day varies from country to country, In Sri Lanka we celebrate this day on 1st October annually. Guatemala & EL Salvadar also celebrate on the same date. The main objectives are to protect a child's basic rights such as food, education & freedom while creating a caring environment where the children will enjoy the love of family school and the society.

1st of October also the general assembly designated as the International day of elderly people. The main goal is to recognize the contributions of elderly people to society and to examine issues that affect their lives. Children make the world a nicer place and the elders add means to them by guiding to them to the correct way. The meaningful gap between this peak and the bottom always create a flow to the world.

Therefor without this peak and bottom world may become the duller place. One day a child become a veteran matured adult with an experience through the joy of their own childhood. Then they will show the way for better world.
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