National Puzzle Day
January 13, 2017 01:11 pm
Celebrate every year on January 29 th the holiday honors puzzles of all stripes-Jigsaw, riddles, science, math, mechanical and word puzzles. According to the history records the origins of the National Puzzle day are a bit unclear. Although if it is so, a newspaper puzzle maker who called Jodi Jill wanted to honor her passion. Therefor this day started in 2002 by her. In the present people use the day as an excuse to enjoy everything from Jigsaw puzzles to crossword and word searches, and even games like Sudoku and Rubik’s cubes. The simplest and perhaps most classic way to honor the puzzle day is to participate in the fun. You can easily find crossword puzzles and other quizzes in most newspapers. If you are unable to allocate your time to solve puzzles on newspaper, there are plenty of apps that let you play Cross Words, Sudoku and other games on your smart phone. If you really like to entertain yourself with your own creative abilities, extremely there is no better day to challenge yourself than National Puzzle Day or if you want to get really fancy you can try your hand at a Jigsaw puzzle by taking a photo and then cutting out the pieces or create your own ones. In addition to being entertaining and fun, puzzles have distinct health and social benefits, especially in early childhood. Collaborative puzzles help children learn how to work together while learning other spatial, motor and problem solving skills. Studies have shown that doing puzzles can help enhance brain activity and concentration and it improves memory.
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