Missing This Year s Great Eclipse? Do not Worry, There is Another in 2024
February 03, 2017 09:40 am
A major solar eclipse will sweep across the United States this year, but if you don t live near the path of totality you re running out of time to book hotel rooms and flights. Reports on social media indicate that some of the best locations, such as Oregon, are just about impossible to book for the Aug. 21 event.

So perhaps you are too late for this year. But do not despair, Tyler Nordgren told Seeker. If you can wait seven years, there s another chance to catch a total solar eclipse from the continental United States.

This one will go in a very different direction, though. While 2017 s eclipse will move across states between Oregon and North Carolina, the 2024 eclipse will move from Mexico, across Texas, and then sweeping through parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York State, Virginia and Maine. Parts of Canada will also see the full eclipse.
(Source by http://www.space.com)
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