What is this Dark Spots on the Sun?
July 16, 2016 07:53 am
The Sun is not a solid body. It is a ball of hot and the most important source of energy for life on earth.

The sun is roughly middle-aged and has not changed for over five billion years and will be another more five billion years.

Most of the times sun becomes the significance object because of its curious nature. The dark spots on the sun are the one of mind blowing facet when we are talking about this hot ball. The dark spots on the sun cause because of the less surface temperature. Less surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection. Therefore a sunspot is a darker, cooler area on the sun’s surface. This is a temporary phenomenon caused by the sun’s magnetic field welling up to the photosphere the sun’s visible surface. These darker areas contain roughly at 3000-4500K (2700-4200◦C) temperature and expand and move across the surface of the sun with sizes ranging from 16km-160000km in diameter. Usually sunspots appear in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity. A large group of sunspot means that there may be other things and events going on as well. If two spots come together then they simply make one big spot. Sunspots change from north/south to south/north and back, sunspots usually appear in groups.

These sunspots have two parts,

I. The Central Umbra
This part is known as the darkest part and this is where the magnetic field is approximately vertical.

II. The Surrounding Penumbra
This part is the lighter one and this is the place where the magnetic field is more inclined.

People are beginning to notice sunspots at sunrise or sunset when the sun is dimmed by clouds or haze.

Anyone can’t notice these spots during the broad daylight. These dark spots are a very good indicator of how active the sun is, Such as the 11-year cycle of the sun’s magnetic fields, as evidenced by the cyclical appearance of sunspots over 11-year periods. The larger variety of these spots can be seen from the earth without the aid of a telescope. Sunspots are observed with land-based and earth-orbiting solar telescopes. When if anyone is looking directly at the sun with the naked eye can be caused permanent damages to the human vision.
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